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We got a  new product called THCP one time use vape, with charging. The flavors we got at the moment are Apple Fritter & strawberry. All of them are super friendly to smoke and needs to be tried out! One Vape is about 600-700 puffs and 1,4 ML, A very potent THCP vape with a perfect balance that must be tested. Use carefully and sparingly!


Compact, beautifully working pen with the kind eye and the sweet character do the rest.
An all-round harmonious product that is full of quality and love.

This product is of EU-approved variety. 12% THCP, 6%Terps and 82% Sweetner this product is 100% legal. Its free from THC & HHC.


THCp är en substans som är laglig att köpa, sälja och använda i Sverige eftersom det inte finns några lagar som förbjuder det för närvarande. Det är dock viktigt att vara försiktig eftersom THCp kan se och lukta likadant som THC, vilket kan leda till beslagtagning av produkten. Om detta händer behöver du som kund bevisa att du har köpt THCp. För att undvika detta skickar säljaren med labbrapporter och kvitto vid varje köp.

THCp is a substance that is legal to buy, sell, and use in Sweden because there are currently no laws prohibiting it. However, it is important to be cautious as THCp can look and smell the same as THC, which can result in the seizure of the product. If this happens, as a customer, you will need to prove that you have purchased THCp. To avoid this, the seller includes laboratory reports and receipts with every purchase.”


Apple Fritter, strawberry

4 reviews for ZED THCP VAPE 1,4ML

  1. Petter V

    Riktigt bra vape!! 😉

  2. Philip

    Vapen är fantastisk,femstjärnig vape

  3. Erik K

    Galet bra vape! 😀

  4. Ester

    My first time trying the vape and the i liked it a lot , little slow shipping but it came after 5 days to Spain. Can really recommend

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